The best places to visit in Milford Sound

We want to tell you the best places to visit in Milford Sound if you travel to New Zeland. Next, you can find a route for the places to see during your trip.

Firstly, we want to clarify that you will find these beautiful places as you travel the road from Te Anau.

1. The Chasm Walk

In Milford Sound, you will find this wonderful path. The tour lasts 20 minutes (round trip), through a forest where you can enjoy the Cleddau River. Also, if the day is sunny you can see the Mount Tutoko, one of the most famous mountains in the area. By way of clarification, we confirm that this path is fully adapted and does not present any kind of difficulty.

2. Gertrude Valley

The next stop on the route is the Gertrude Valley car park, where you have to make a technical stop to take some pictures. Certainly, the landscapes that surround them are really a spectacle for the senses.

3. Monkey Creek

Monkey Creek on the Milford Sound road is a classic stop. The tourists stop here to see the glacier, the mountains and the landscapes. We advise you to park in a remote area and enjoy one of the most incredible views of the area.

4. Homer tunnel

It is known for being the tunnel with the highest traffic lights in the world. This is just over one kilometer and is in a unique sense. In this area, you can see the famous keas, the only alpine parrots in the world, which you should never feed.

5. Pop’s View

Pop’s View is one of the many viewpoints that you will find along the Milford Highway. Whenever you have time, we advise you to stop at several of them, so you can see different perspectives of the area.

6. Mirror Lakes

The Mirror Lakes are several lakes that can be skirted through adapted footbridges. In addition, you can see the mountains reflected.

7. Lake Gunn and Cascade Creek

The impressive Lake Gunn offers you an incredible mirror effect of the mountains reflected in the water. At this point, you can make a 45-minute trail (round trip).

In conclusion, we have recommended to you the best places to visit in Milford Sound. Anyway, there are a lot of other interesting places to discover and also are a good option.

We encourage you to visit the Milford Sound area and do not forget that you will have to obtain a New Zealand visa to enter the country.

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