How to apply for a New Zealand visa?

The process of applying for your NZeTA is simple and only takes 10 minutes of your time. We recommend applying for your NZeTA at least 72 hours prior to your travel. Provide your personal information, answer the requested security questions, submit the payment and our team will take care of the rest. Once you provide us with all the necessary information you will receive the approval of your NZeTA within the first 72 hours, however, in some cases, it might take longer.

If we cannot process your NZeTA on time or if it has been denied by the New Zealand authorities you will not be able to board the ship or a plane to New Zealand.

You can apply for New Zealand visa online

If you have chosen to apply with us the application process online will only take you 10 minutes and our team will help you during the submission process.

In order to apply online, you must fill out an online application form and provide your personal details according to your passport. To apply online you will need to input your personal information as well as answer some security questions, once the application has been filled out you will be required to pay the fee that includes: a tourist tax, the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) and our processing fee, to obtain the NZ eTA.

If no additional information has been requested by us you will receive the approved NZeTA within 72 hours in your inbox.

Once approved, the New Zealand eTA is linked to your passport and is valid for 2 years, NZ ETA allows multiple entries.

The NZeTA is not a visa and does not guarantee entry to New Zealand. Upon arriving in the country, travelers must comply with all entry requirements, for example, owning a ticket for a subsequent trip, etc.

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