The most popular sports in New Zealand

In this article, we want to list you the most popular sports in New Zealand. Certainly, in this country, there is a great love for sports and there are many professional competitions.

As a curiosity, because of the weather, sports are divided in 2 categories: summer or winter sports. In schools, during the first semester children practice one type of sport and in the following semester the other. For example, football, skiing, etc. are only practiced in winter.

Favorite sports in NZ

The most practiced sports are: rugby, cricket, surfing, cycling, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, badminton, bowling, squash, cycling, skiing, shooting, hunting, rowing and fishing. Anyway, the most popular is rugby.


This sport is so important for New Zealand as football for Europeans. It is divided in 2 groups: Rugby and Rugby League. Both have rules and both attract crowds of people in the stadiums.


This game is the second favorite sport of the population. Also, it can be said that it is the most practiced sport in city parks. It is quite popular among the Hindu, Pakistani, and Sri Lankan community.


Surf is the sport of the youngest people, and New Zealand has excellent beaches to practice.

Diving and Underwater Hunting

In Bay of Plenty, Coromandel and Northlands hunt lobsters and octopus. Due to the large amount, it is practically not necessary to dive to catch one. Also, mussels abound in coastal stones. It is very important to wear rubber clothes when diving.


The main audience is the adult population. New Zealand has excellent professionals and several golf courses.

Finally, we hope you have identified the most popular sports in New Zealand and be lucky to practice them or enjoy a competition.

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