eTA New Zealand VISA for Canadian Citizens

Planning a visit to New Zealand when coming from another country often times requires a visa in advance and a lot of documentation to show why, when, and if you are eligible to visit the country. Finding the information online is easy, but not everyone has the time to pursue a visa. An eTA must be submitted online if you are doing a trip for 90 days or less and is valid for 2 years. Our company guides those in need with the process of obtaining a visa for a visit or stay to New Zealand. Below details the process to get a New Zealand visa for Canadian citizens.

There are restrictions and exceptions to all rules. Canadian natives are no different as well as those that are taking up residency while not being a native of the country. Good character is also something that is a determining factor when applying for a visa. Most times than not, a visa is not needed for visiting the NZ, but this is something that is determined by the New Zealand Embassy based on your letter of intent that accompanies your documents and visa application. Once a visa application is signed and completed, take a passport photo and get your valid passport. The passport should be active and not more than 10 years old before you play to depart. 

Certainly, if you travel for tourism for a period of less than 3 months, the only document you need is the NZ eTA. However, as it mentioned above, if your travel purpose is for other intentions, you will need to apply for a visa.

eTA New Zealand

Do Canadian citizens need a VISA for New Zealand?

A visa may or may not be needed depending on your travel request. If you are going for business, studying, or leisure that is under 3 months then you do not need a visa, you will need an eTA. If this is not the case and it will be more than 3 months, then you will need to obtain a visa. If you are on a visa, then you will need to submit a New Zealand visa that is separate from the visa you already possess. Below will explain a few of the items that are needed when applying for a New Zealand visa for Canadian citizens.

New Zealand VISA Requirements for Canada

Just find and fill out the online form. Note that in order to be eligible for an eTA visa to travel to New Zealand then you cannot have a criminal conviction or have been deported, removed or excluded from another country.

You only have to provide us with some information that appears in your passport and answer some security questions.

New Zealand VISA Application form for Canadians

Canadians citizens travelling under the visa waiver program and needing to apply for the NZeTA can submit their application here. Make sure to plan enough time in advance when submitting your application as authorization can take up to 72 hours. Moreover, if you do not have this authorization at check-in for your flight or cruise, you will be denied entry to your flight or ship.

The application is simple and can be completed and submitted in minutes.

In conclusion, the NZeTA is mandatory since October 1, 2019, for 60 countries approximately.