eTA New Zealand VISA for Hong Kong Citizens

Listen up travelers bound for the lovely island of New Zealand in the Pacific! Make sure your paperwork is in order for a smooth trip. Be cognizant of the new rules for travel. You will be glad you are in compliance! Read the topics below for a safe and enjoyable excursion.

eTA New Zealand

On October 1, 2019 the government of New Zealand issued a new travel directive. It is for all foreign visitors to New Zealand, as well as any passengers or those in any type of transit mode- entering the island nation! All foreigners must obtain what is known as an eTA. An eTA is known as an Electronic Travel Authorization prior to any entrance in New Zealand. It is completely done online, in the convenience of your home or office. It is important to note, that an eTA is not a VISA! It does not guarantee entrance into New Zealand. The traveler must be in compliance with other necessary documents, and entry requirements. The reason for this validation is to strengthen border security, and to reduce the time spent on migration controls. Moreover, the passport must be valid for at least three months, from the scheduled date of departure. The traveler seeking entry into New Zealand must be a passport holder from one of the sixty eligible nations on the eTA list. This new process is good for two years of entering into New Zealand. It allows visitors to stay up to 90 days in New Zealand. 

Do I Need a VISA for New Zealand from Hong Kong?

You might very well need a VISA depending on your circumstances! To enter New Zealand from Hong Kong you will definitely need a New Zealand eTA and a valid passport.

If you are a Hong Kong citizen read the information below. Always check the visa waiver list for Hong Kong or other nations which might apply to your travel needs. If your nation is one of the 60 visa waiver nations, you will only need a passport, and an eTA, plus any other documents which are applicable. However, the key is to stay within the three month limit for tourists! One additional warning is that if you are on a cruise ship and plan to leave the ship to enter New Zealand you might very well need a visa and entry permission by completing an arrival card. You will meet with an immigration officer at the port of entry – who will check to see if you have a departure ticket in advance, so you can leave the island in the compliant time line with proof of an airline ticket, etc. Most people obtain the eTA, and are in good status going forward! 

New Zealand VISA Requirements for hong kongese

If you are a citizen of Hong Kong you might only need an eTA. However, please be specific on your travel intentions! Whether you actually need a visa depends on the reason for your visit, and the length of your stay. It is important to note, if you are only visiting for the purpose of tourism, you are allowed to stay up to 90 days. You must apply online for an eTA, have your passport, and any other compliant documents. You will not need a visa for tourism up to 90 days, you will need an eTA. Tourists from Hong Kong need to apply for the electronic eTA at least 3 days before their actual departure! The good news is that it usually takes only 1 day to get approved! Make sure you have a computer and an email set up! You will get your eTA via email. 

New Zealand VISA Application form for hong kongese citizens

To obtain an eTA the applicant must completely fill out the application. There are many questions which concern security, as well as health related inquiries. Do not leave any questions unanswered. It will only delay the visa. You will need to fill out your personal profile, passport information, as well as your travel plans. Small mistakes and typos can certainly delay the process. Be mindful of the seriousness of the requested information to avoid rejection. There are fees payable for the document. There is a service fee and tourist levy. Use a debit or credit card.