eTA New Zealand VISA for Ireland

New Zealand has introduced NZeTA which has been effective since October 2019. They have started taking any threats very seriously and there are now some requirements and more requirements to be allowed to travel to New Zealand.

People who hold an Irish visa need to provide travel tickets or some evidence that proves that their travel arrangements. They also would need to provide sufficient proof to show the funds for maintenance. The NZeTA is now a requirement for all the countries and it can be done by visiting the website and filling out a simple form. It is to be paid at the same time when they are registering for NZeTA. It is a good idea to do it 72 hours prior to travel so all the documents can be processed properly.

Also, it is advised to ensure that you get all the insurance checked before coming to New Zealand. The medical costs are covered by insurance and it also can cover the plans that you have in New Zealand. It can also be a good idea to get an ACC which stands for Accident Compensation Corporation which ensures that if there is any incident then the expenses would be paid by the corporation but however not all kinds of accidents fall under their categories. They don’t cover any cost of injuries that is non-accidental. 

eTA New Zealand

Do Irish citizens need a VISA for New Zealand?

Irish citizen need an NZeTA for travelling to New Zealand since October 2019. On the other hand, if any resident from Ireland wants to stay further than 90 days to work in there temporarily or permanently or for study then they would first need to get a visa. 

New Zealand VISA Requirements for Ireland

There are many kinds of visas that you can apply for being an Irish citizen. The most important requirement for a NZeTA is that you need to have a passport from the Republic of Ireland that is valid

Also, when you fill out the form, you will complete it with some personal details that appear in your passport. Then you will have to answer some security questions and that’s all. It is a simple process!

New Zealand VISA Application form for Irish Citizens

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New Zealand visa from Ireland is easy to get in most cases if you have all the required skills and documents. Many immigrants are living a successful life in New Zealand and it is one of the best countries in the world to have a nice and secure life. If you want to visit New Zealand before making up your mind you can do it easily from Ireland as you won’t need to apply for a visa and you can see the country and its culture for ninety days. We are there to help you with the process if you need any help with it. We evaluate your file and give you consultation. We advise you on what to do for your next step. Staying in New Zealand you can get many opportunities that would help you to grow in life and make your life more secure and the environment of New Zealand is also amazing.