eTA New Zealand VISA for Malaysian Citizens

Taking a trip to New Zealand from another country should be exciting; sometimes not only is a passport needed, also a visa is necessary. With the new changes, there is also an eTA that is required for shorter visits that are considered under 3 months. Submitting an application for a New Zealand VISA is the easy part and a shorter process but applying for a visa can be difficult if you have to rummage for all of the paperwork needed. As mentioned before there is an eTA that can be applied for and it is considered a waiver. There are two ways to spend a significant amount of time in New Zealand. An eTA must be submitted if you are doing a trip for 90 days or less and the other is a standard travel visa. Below details the process to get a traditional New Zealand visa Malaysia.

Malaysian citizens and those that are holding residency cards should look into getting a visa if they are wanting to travel to NZ for a lengthy amount of time. There are times when a visa is not needed for visiting the New Zealand area, but this is something that is that the New Zealand Embassy will decide based off your documents and application. Once a visa application is submitted, take recent passport photo with a solid white background or use a recent one that you have, and have your valid passport. The passport should be active, but not over 10 years old before trip. Determine an appointment date and the necessary paperwork and your payment method. 

The process to apply for a traditional visa is more complicated. For this reason, the Government of New Zealand has created a new type of visa called eTA. If you want to enter the country for tourism you will need to apply for it.

eTA New Zealand

Do malaysian citizens need a VISA for New Zealand?

For those living in Malaysia that are thinking about making travel arrangements to New Zealand then there are a few things to know about the visa applying process. Depending on your situation and travel needs a visa may not be needed and only an eTA can be applied for. If you need a student, business, or government visa that is under 90 days in 180-time frame then you do not need a visa, but do need to do a waiver online. If more than 90 days, then you will need to obtain a New Zealand visa. If you currently live in Malaysia on a visa, then you will need to submit another visa application for New Zealand.

New Zealand VISA Requirements for Malaysia

A gathered list is below that outlines everything need to accompany your application (traditional visa, not eTA). The embassy may send a letter stating that more information is needed and if that is the case, it’ll be okay. If you started your application early, then you should have more than enough time to resubmit your paperwork. You do not have to redo your application, only submit the additional documents. There standard time for an application to be processed without any additional information is about 2 weeks. 

 The following visa needs are expected to apply: 

  1. Finalized Visa application form.
  2. Valid Malaysian passport.
  3. 3 month or less recent photo.
  4. Reason for visiting New Zealand.
  5. Travel and where you will be staying information.
  6. Substantial proof of income.
  7. Student number or letter from supervisor regarding employment or student status.
  8. Original Birth certificate.

On the other hand, if you want to apply for an eTA, you won’t need any additional document. You only have to fill out the form with some personal information that appears in your passport.

New Zealand VISA Application form for Malaysia

To apply for a convetional visa, try to complete an application before your departure. This is important because of any additional information that may be needed or if you need a new appointment date. The process and delivery can take up to two weeks but sometimes longer. Being prepared ahead of time gives you additional time to get everything in order to make sure that your application goes through without a hitch. Do not fret over the fact that your application may be taking a little longer than expect. There are many reasons to why this can happen, but you will always be notified if this is the case. 

Now that the application and required paperwork has been finalized to the Embassy in New Zealand, now is the second portion of the visa process. Check your application status on the Embassy website or via mail. You are able to choose how you would like to receive your visa via your form that you submitted.

Finally, to apply for an eTA, you have to fill out the form in our website and you will receive the approval by email.