eTA New Zealand VISA for Singapore

If you are planning a trip to see family or friend, or for a business trip to New Zealand and are coming from another country then you may need to apply for a visa and provide a few “proving” documentations to show why, when, and how you can afford to stay in the country. Locating the information for a visa is easy, but to follow through with the application and gathering the requirements can be overwhelming or the time may not be there. New Zealand now offers two ways of staying in the country. One is through an eTA, which acts as a waiver and the other is standard visa that requires a specific reason of why you are staying in NZ for the extended amount of time. For anything less than 90 days for a stay, only an eTA may need to be applied for. It can be done online as well. Detailed below is the process for applying for a New Zealand visa for Singapore.

Singaporean citizens and non-citizens that have a resident card go through the same process when it comes to entering NZ for an extended amount of time. Often, a waiver will suffice if you are visiting NZ for under 3 months within 180-day calendar. Do note that this will be a decision made by the NZ Embassy when reviewing your application and intent letter. To complete the beginning of the application process, you’ll need to sign the visa application form, take a recent photo if you do not have one already, provide your valid passport from Singapore that has been valid for 90 days and is not older than 10 years and have your form of payment. Once those have been submitted with your application, you can set up an appointment with the Embassy for them to review your visa. 

eTA New Zealand

Do singaporean citizens need a VISA for New Zealand?

Anyone that is a Singapore native or holding up residency in the country and are thinking or planning to visit NZ for a particular length of time that is over 90 days will have to apply for a visa. If you are living on a visa in Singapore, then a separate visa for New Zealand is needed. The process is the same as before if you already have a visa. Whether the intent is for school, leisure, government, or business, proof is needed along with your application. Please, note that if you are not staying in NZ for over 3 months or you are only doing a transit travel, then you can do a waiver online (apply for an eTA) and it takes up to 30 minutes (fastest) to receive your waiver that is valid for 2 years. If more than 90 days, it is best to apply for a New Zealand visa. Below is a more in-depth look into the requirements for obtaining a New Zealand visa Singapore. 

New Zealand VISA Requirements for singaporean citizens

The numerical list below outlines what is needed with your visa application. If additional information is needed, it does not mean that your application is being rejected only that there are some more details that the embassy needs in order to finalize your application. This should only delay an application, if presented in a timely fashion, for about a week or two. Given that you started early with your application, this should not affect your departure. 

 The following visa needs are expected to apply: 

  1. Filled and completed Visa application (be sure the copy the form for your records)
  2. No more than 10-year-old Singaporean passport and valid for three months
  3. Solid background face profile picture of yourself
  4. A letter stating why you are staying in New Zealand
  5. Detailed information about your stay and with whom
  6. Work stubs or bank statements proving your can afford your stay
  7. NZ insurance for travel
  8. Student information to prove you are a student or employee status from job
  9. Certification of birth- original

Be careful and do not apply for a visa if it is not necessary. If you trip does not exceed 90 days, you will apply for an eTA.

New Zealand VISA Application form for Singapore

Sometimes there are unforeseen turns that can delay your application, to prevent this it is a good idea to start your visa application months in advance. When it is done this way, you have leeway for if anything falls by the waist side. Normally, application are finalized within 14 days, but this can take longer.

When it comes the form, please fill out all of the necessary spaces and submit your documents. You have the option of setting up an appointment with the NZ Embassy yourself at no charge or go with an agency and that will have a small fee included to do so. 

After a once over of your completed form, attach your required paperwork and send it to the NZ Embassy office. There is a waiting period while they look over and review your application. After 24 hours, you are welcome to look at the embassy website or contact the agent that assisted you to check the status of your application. The visa will be delivered to you based on what preference you listed. Here are the steps for the application process to be in the know: 

  1. Gather required paperwork and submit them with your visa form
  2. Check to make sure you have a confirmation for your appointment date
  3. Do not forget your appointment date and time
  4. Wait the usual 14 days to receive your accepted visa 

Anyway, do not forget that if your travel is only for tourism, surely the document you need is an eTA.