Trekking Roys Peak in Wanaka

Trekking Roys Peak in Wanaka is one of the best trekking in New Zealand. This hike will allow you to enjoy spectacular views of the mountain range. Also, you can see Lake Wanaka and all the surrounding mountains, including the famous Mount Aspiring.

What is Trekking Roys Peak?

First of all, keep in mind that the Trekking Roys Peak in Wanaka is located 6.3 kilometers from the center of the town, so you must have a vehicle to get there. We recommend you go early since the parking is small.

Once you have parked the car, the distance to the viewpoint is 9.4 kilometers, and if you want to climb to the top, are 13.9 kilometers. The distance to the viewpoint requires 3 hours approx.

Another option is to start climbing at 4 am in the morning to see the sunrise at the top. We recommend you to search for the sunrise and sunset times.


Firstly, if you want to enjoy the views, it is better to do the Roys Peak trek in Wanaka one day with a clear sky.

Also, remember to bring water, sunscreen, sunglasses and in case of bad weather, raincoat.

During the tour, there are only two bathrooms, one at the start, 200 meters from the car park and another one at the lookout point of the Roys Peak, 9 kilometers from the start.

The Roys Peak trekking path is closed during the time of the sheep’s birth, between October 1 and November 10 of each year.

We hope you decide to visit New Zealand and do this fabulous activity in the future. Do not forget to travel with a New Zealand holiday visa in order to enter the country.

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