Visiting Queenstown in a day

In this article, we would like to suggest you a 1-day route through the most important places in Queenstown. Below you will find listed the most interesting sites of this village located in New Zealand. Our mission is recommending you what to see while you are visiting Queenstown in a day.

What to see in Queenstown?

Skyline Góndola

The Skyline Gondola is the best-known vantage point in the city and one of the must-see things in New Zealand. It is also known to be the most inclined cable car in the world.

Through it, you can reach Bob’s Peak, enjoy fantastic views of Queenstown and the surrounding area, and also enjoy during the ascent and descent of a unique experience.

The ticket price (round trip included) is 39NZD per person. You can buy it directly at the ticket office or book it in advance to avoid the queues.

Keep in mind that the duration of this visit is not more than 1 hour between the funicular routes and the walk through the viewpoint. For this reason, you can make a route through the places to see in Queenstown much more complete.

On the other hand, you can also walk up and down, although you should keep in mind that it will take you more than an hour and there are quite complicated stretches.

Skyline Luge

In addition to climbing the funicular, enjoying the incredible views of the city and eating or dining at the restaurant, another of the things to do in Queenstown, precisely in this area of the city, is some recreational activity.

You can enjoy the Skyline Luge, a kind of 3-wheel karts, with which you can go down taking a walk through the curves of the panoramic circuit while enjoying unique views.
Keep in mind that there are different options, although the most popular one is the one that allows you to get on and off the cable car and then ride the Luge three or five times.

Queenstown Mall

We could say that this is the most commercial area of the city and the perfect place to buy in case you need anything or a souvenir to take you as a souvenir. In addition, it is one of the liveliest areas.

Walking on the lake

From our point of view, it is essential to walk and enjoy nature in such a rich place. We recommend you to go to the lake area and be part of the Queenstown Trail, on the border of Lake Wakatipu and you can also see the famous Queenstown beach. In this area, you will find countless restaurants and bars.

In conclusión, we consider that these four things are essential if you do not have enough time to visit everything. Keep in mind that you will need a New Zealand visa to enter the country as a tourist.

Enjoy visiting Queenstown in a day!

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